This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself! I can not believe that in 12 weeks I have dropped and look like this!! Brandon is the best trainer. There is never a dull moment every week is different. His enthusiasm and energy made me keep going. When it’s tough. Showed me how to change my eating habits and how to meal prep is huge part of my success!!!! Our group became a family we supported each other constantly.

Thx Brandon and Amy for all u do for the program!!!

















When I started the Transformation program 12 weeks ago my goal was to not only lose weight, but to get stronger and learn the discipline to continue to lose and maintain a high activity level. But I gained so much…a new group of friends who shared my goals and encouraged me every time we were together…the laughter, groans, sweat…I am glad we will be continuing in some way.

I so appreciate Brandon…he pushed us, cheered for us, taught us about nutrition and to keep on working…’almost there’. The weekly weigh-ins and food logs kept me accountable (it’s hard to cheat when you know the scale will tell the truth!) and will be something I will continue.

I know I still have a ways to go but I feel well equipped to continue my journey…and I am already looking forward to sweating at the next Strong, Zumba or Insanity class.


















So when I started this journey it was all because my friend Crystal talked me into it. It was
probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself it was the first time that I actually
took a real step to my health. I remember about halfway through the class was my most favorite
moment of class we’re doing sit-ups now and we did sit ups for minutes and I was like there’s no
way I can do these sit ups and I actually was able to do sit-ups the whole time we did it and I
was just smiling and laughing the whole time so proud of myself that I could actually do it. I’m
not all the way to where I want to be yet but I feel amazing and I’m so proud of the progress that
I’ve made and just 12 weeks now I feel I have the tools that I can continue it to get to my goals.

















12 weeks ago i was nervous stepping into this ..”My body challenge ” I’m so glad i did!! I am much happier , healthier and stronger. Hearing my couch say ” come on you can do this keep going you got this and hearing in my head “step out of your body and tell your mind you can do this” quoted from Lindsay is what got me through! I will continue my journey here on out ! I love the new me!! Thanks Brandon!