The foundation of our company is built on our dreams and desire to help people. Reaching out to the people in our community, regardless of their limitations, through fitness has proven successful.  Studio 7 Fitness will provide the resources and tools to continue reaching more people and provide more for our existing team members.  Our vision is to continue our outreach ministry of bringing people together in an encouraging and positive environment by facilitating group fitness classes of diverse formats and helping our students reach their fitness and personal growth goals. We are keeping faith in fitness!

Our business goals:

1.   To encourage health and wellness by staying active through group fitness.

2.   Provide a positive environment where everyone is welcome to thrive through fitness.

3.   Giving back to our community and people in need.

4.   Reach out to the schools encouraging the youth to become more active.

The number 7 is God’s number and after praying on it for several months, Studio 7 Fitness was born. We owe everything to God. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Him and are so thankful for the positive, supportive and amazing people who surround us with love and encouragement. THANK YOU to our loyal friends & family!